Our Story

About Us

Hairtransplant.ai was founded with the mission to transform the hair treatment sector using state of the art technologies.We are led by best in class Surgeons, AI engineers and healthcare personals who are committed to empowering the hair treatment sector with new capabilities using AI.

Our Vision

  • Create a new better ecological hair treatment ecosystem.
  • Provide a platform where users are able to access the best MCI approved surgeons.
  • Make hair transplant process much easier and transparent.
  • empower the people and surgeons by using state of art AI.
Hairtransplant.ai is leading platform for connecting people in need for Hair Treatment Consultations with qualified MCI approved surgeons. HT instantly gives you a first level of diagnosis of your hair treatment needs and the budget you need to do the required treatment. HT enables you as an individual to make an informed choice and choose the best hair treatment surgeons.

Making a difference to hair treatment

Exceptional Accuracy

Our follicle algorithm has been extensively developed by data scientist and AI engineers with the help of MCI approved hair transplant surgeons.

Instant Report

We diagnosis your condition within Seconds and guide you towards your optimal treatment for your hair condition.

Seamless Integration

Our AI based follicle algorithm can be seamlessly integrated with your website to convert your impression into concrete leads.

Complete Package

We aim to be the end to end one stop platform for hair treatments and assist you in every stage of your journey. We want to provide the best in class services by partnering