The present statistics says that every day people lose about 100 hairs from their scalp. The pattern of hair loss is known as Androgenetic Alopecia (APA). Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) in males and Female pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) in females are the most common types of alopecia. To treat this alopecia and perhaps reverse the effect, the laser hair therapy serves as one of the best alternatives.

The science behind the theory of Laser therapy for growing hair is very simple. It includes the fact that lasers irradiate photons into tissues of the scalp. The weak cells of the scalp tissues absorb them. This assimilation stimulates micro-circulation of blood in the hair follicles. The cellular activities are increased by ensuring that the distribution of blood and nutrients is abundant to the hair follicles and thus the growth of hair is encouraged thereby diminishing the minifying further hair loss. The low light laser therapy to be specific has bio-stimulatory effects on tissues. It RESUMES their anagen (growth) phase, stimulates their re-entry to anagen from telogen (resting) phase and inhibits their early transition to catagen (regression) phase.

Intriguing about Intrigued what makes laser therapy one of the best therapies for hair growth?
Here is the answer:
  • It involves no pain.
  • The side effects ARE NOT ALMOST NIL
  • It is non-invasive.
  • It increases the strength of hair.
  • It reduces further loss of hair further reduces hair loss.
  • It can be used by men and women and in by hairs of all lengths.
  • It is manageable with daily time commitment.
Though the result as concluded by the medical community says that the benefits work for some people and not for some others but here are some encouraging results as yielded by some studies:
  • 2014 Study says that low level laser therapy for hair growth appeared to be safe and effective in case of both men and women. [Provide link]
  • 2013 study says that over a period of 16 weeks, 41 males aged in between 18 to 48 found 39% increase in their hair growth through laser treatment.
Of all the benefits mentioned above, the most important in concern with respect to laser therapy for treating hair loss is that the therapy it has the most advanced and diversified range of devices. A glimpse of various instruments used for treating hair loss with laser therapy is:
  • Laser Band: It is portable, easy-to use and comes with a rechargeable battery and a power cord. It provides light directly to the scalp through its special teeth and optimises light distribution into the hair follicles.
  • Laser Comb: It is a hand held device that allows lasers to penetrate into the scalp. It revitalises hair follicles by delivering therapeutic effects.
  • Laser Helmet: It offers full top-of the head coverage. It stimulates hair follicles by reducing shedding and increasing volume.
All the instruments listed above are convenient and comfortable. The recovery time may vary from person to person. and Consultation of the doctor Consulting a doctor before going for the treatment is strictly to should be taken into account considered and it is to be done under professional investigations guidance only. But the common duration as per instructions and as per common usage by the users lies from 10 minutes to 20 minutes per day four times a week.

Under safe and professional investigation, never hesitate having the option of lasers for your hairs.

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